In Ontario, The Ontario Fire Code outlines the annual requirements for maintaining your fire alarm, emergency/exit lighting, fire extinguishers and other life safety systems. It is mandatory not optional to make sure the systems installed in your building are functioning as intended to protect life and property. There are also daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual requirements for your systems.
In the 1870’s, Philip Pratt invented the first automatic sprinkler system
Sprinklers reduce injuries by at least 80%, reduce property damage by 90% and substantially reduce damage to the environment from fire
More than 70 million sprinkler heads are installed worldwide each year
Fire sprinklers are widely recognized as the single most effective method for fighting the spread of fires in their early stages
The installation of fire sprinklers could virtually eliminate fire deaths
24/7 Service and Maintenance
Annual and Monthly Inspections
Wet Sprinkler Inspection
Dry Sprinkler Inspection
Fire Hoses
Annual Fire Hydrant Flush
Annual Back Flow Inspection
Semi Annual Suppression Inspection